Break It Down

We've heard it before. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Laozi This well known piece of wisdom is simple in concept but difficult in execution. Gary Vaynerchuck says, "There are so many great ideas...There are way less great executions." Something breaks down between the idea and the execution. Thousand... Continue Reading →

It Seems Obvious

Yes, there is truth. There is a better way of doing things. Things are not right and something needs to be done. You see it. It seems obvious. And yet, there are people who disagree. They stand in opposition to the good you’d like to see accomplished in the world. They just don’t get it.... Continue Reading →

News and Reflection

This post has two parts; news & reflection. So first, I’ve got some news… I’ve got a new job! Hallelujah! It has been a long time coming (further reading on that topic). It seems I’ve been adrift in the sea of semi-retirement for quite some time. But, alas, my feet have swung out of the... Continue Reading →

There Was Something

We were built to build. We were made to make. We were formed to form. At one point, there was nothing. Then, there was something. Something happened between nothing and something. The Bible calls it God. He spoke. He created. He brought existence into existence. And then he breathed into humanity the same ability. We... Continue Reading →


So, I’ve been looking for worship pastor jobs. (Shameless plug if you know of an LGBTQ affirming church looking for a bald one!) It has been an interesting ride. I’ve sent countless emails, resumes and video examples. In this whole process, I’ve self-identified as a worship leader. That’s how I present myself several times a... Continue Reading →


Somewhere along the line, I picked up the idea that doubt was big, bad and scary. It sure would be nice to blame someone, but I don’t know who that would be. I don’t remember a conversation or a sermon or a specific church teaching. And even if I could blame someone, that might let... Continue Reading →

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