Just Start


IMG_5043A picture of the lake I ran around in the rain on Friday.

I ran five consecutive days this week. It was my second week of five consecutive days.

I started running seven months ago on Dec. 6th, 2016. It was my 28th birthday. I wasn’t fat, but I most definitely wasn’t fit. I knew that I could be  and that I wanted to be in better shape. I find that when I’m fit or in shape, I feel empowered. I can do things I might not be able to do when I’m not as fit.

So, I set a goal. I set the goal that before I turn 29, I want to run a six minute mile.

So, on Dec. 6th, I ran one mile. It took me 8:58 seconds.

I ran one mile a week for a month.

Then, one day I ran two miles.

Then, I ran two miles twice in one week.

Then, my wife started running and ran 3 miles. I tried running 3 miles. It felt good.

Eventually, I got up to running three times a week.

Now, for the last two weeks, I’ve been running five days a week. This whole journey has taken 7 months.

Somewhere in the process, I ran from my apartment to Philadelphia. That day I ran 31.4 miles or a little over 50 kilometers. I never thought I could do that.

The point is to start. I don’t know what it is for you. For me it was running a mile a week. In these seven months, I have learned that if I can take a step in the right direction today, maybe tomorrow I can take two. I just need to start.

Here’s to starting!



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