Productive vs. Pleasurable (Part 3)

ICYMI: Part 1 / Part 2

Human nature is stuck.

Its caught in a war between selfish, consumptive desire and the ability to delay gratification.

Its caught in a war between pleasurable and productive.

The way forward takes choice and discipline.

First, we must recognize the importance of the productive choice.

Health, relationships and success are all built on the productive.

Second, we must move in that direction.

Steadily, over time, we must learn to choose the productive over the pleasurable.

We must practice.

Practice seeing and practice doing.

We will, in time, loose the chains of the pleasurable.

Freedom comes in productive action.

Freedom to act in the best interest of ourselves and others.

Freedom to rise above the short-sighted desires that pull at all of us.

Let’s live better lives.

Let’s choose productive.


Ps. Those ducks are the friends I see when I’ve chosen to get out of my bed and go run. If I see them, I know I’ve chosen the productive.


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