Productive vs. Pleasurable (Part 4)

ICYMI: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

A key strategy in the battle of pleasurable vs. productive is the pre-decision.

If you’re smart, you don’t show up at the beach and hope a hotel is available.

You don’t just spend money on whatever you feel like in the moment.

You don’t wake up and just do whatever you feel like doing.

In all these things you plan ahead.

You decide before you’re in the moment.

You book a hotel months in advance.

You create and follow a monthly budget.

You follow a calendar with events and engagements arranged ahead of time.

It’s almost like planning ahead helps you make better decisions.

Planning ahead provides the distance you need.

In the moment, the desires and temptations and urges and impulses are all attacking you.

When you pre-decide, you can better listen to reason and logic and make a better decision.

The pre-decision can come in so many forms.

The items you choose to keep in your house.

What items you choose to buy at the grocery store.

When you will exercise.

When and if you go on a date night with your partner.

When tough decisions are pre-decisions, we make life easier on ourselves.

We set ourselves up for success.

We give ourselves the best options.

What areas do you need to make pre-decisions in?

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