Cookie Dough & Cookie Cutters : A Veiled Metaphor

Everyone likes cookies.

(Not necessarily, but for the sake of the metaphor let’s just assume that people love cookies.)

In my house, my mom would use a star shaped cookie cutter to shape our cookies.

She’d mix up the dough in a huge bowl and then roll out a sheet of cookie dough covering what seemed like the whole world.

Then came the star shaped cookie cutter.

I helped cut out the individual stars from that giant sheet.

I quickly learned that whenever that star shaped cutter came out, cookies were to follow.

Year after year that message was reinforced.

Cookies are star shaped.

One day, I went to a friends house.

His dad had a tree shaped cookie cutter.

When he handed me a tree shaped cookie, I didn’t know what it was.

He assured me that it was delicious and I trusted him, so I tried it.

And you know what I tasted?

A cookie.

Sweet delicious goodness that should be shared with everyone.

It didn’t matter if it was star shaped or tree shaped or circular or square.

What mattered was the cookie, not the cookie cutter.

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