What Happens When The Floor Is Gone

What happens when the floor is gone?

I expected a fall, but I’m not sure it happened.

There doesn’t seem to be a floor anymore but the walls are still in place.

The electricity still works.

All the lights are on.

I just can’t see what I’m standing on.

It is definitely something.

I haven’t fallen into the abyss.

Though when I first realized there was no floor it felt like falling.

I can’t tell what it is exactly that I’m standing on.

I sure would love for the floor to come back.

It was comforting.

It was known.

This is a bit unnerving and very unknown.

But I still haven’t fallen.

What if whatever is holding me up now was holding me up then?

What if nothing has really changed but my perception.

There’s nothing there, but there is something.

It is unnamable.

Maybe it doesn’t need to be named.

It may need to be known, experienced and lived.

For now, I’m going to keep walking.

I’ll keep trusting whatever it is that’s holding me up.

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