Podcast Recommendations

Today I wanted to roll out some podcasts that I love and have been recently influenced by.

The first two played a major role in my faith journey over the past year. (BEWARE!)

The second two have been interesting to me as a vegan, athlete and spiritual seeker.

I hope you find value and would love to hear what you think if you try one of them!

Here ya go!

The Liturgists

Description – Most of the time its Michael Gungor and Mike McHargue (Science Mike) discussing topics about Christianity, doubt, skepticism and deconstruction. Certain episodes are extremely well-produced while others are just an open mic and some conversations.

Who would like this: currently doubting, wrestling with or deconstructing a Christian faith, looking to follow Jesus in a post-Christian world.

Suggested Episodes 

– Episodes 6&7 : Lost and Found (Parts 1& 2) : (the loss of their individual faiths)

– Episode 34 : Racism in America

– Episode (not numbered) : Pale Blue Dot (climate change / future of earth)

The Bible For Normal People

Description – Bible scholar and professor Pete Enns joins with Jared Byas and guests as they discuss how they deal with and understand the Bible.

Who would like this: looking to understand the Bible differently, has problems with a “literal” view of scripture.

Suggested Episodes – 

– Episode 1 w/ Rob Bell (What Is The Bible?)

– Episode 5 w/ Mike mcHargue (science and the Bible)

– Episode 12 w/ Pete & Jared (Faith & Doubt)

Rich Roll Podcast 

Description – The most influential podcast in the last year for me personally. Rich himself is a 50 year old vegan ultra endurance athlete who overcame alcoholism and is an inspiration to many. Rich interviews incredible guests from a wide variety of backgrounds and genres. Interviews are typically an hour and a half or longer. Topics most frequented are veganism, fitness, spirituality, and mindset.

Who would like this: interested in veganism, endurance sports, human performance, open to different spiritualities.

Suggested Episodes – 

– Episode 275 w/ Kim Chambers (ultramarathon swimming, fear, adventure)

– Episode 305 w/ Scott Harrison (Charity Water, generosity, water crisis)

– Episode 251 w/ Rob Bell (faith, religion, surfing)

Aubrey Marcus

Description – Aubrey calls himself the warrior poet. He tries to live out both an aggressive physical and a deeply spiritual lifestyle. He claims to “press all the proverbial buttons in the game of life”. He interviews world-class guests in an attempt to find the keys to human flourishing.

Who would like this: interested in different spiritualities but desiring the practical applications

Suggested Episodes – 

– Episode 95 w/ Noah Villalobos & Anahata (breathing)

– Episode 90 w/ Wim Hof (breathing)

– Episode 53 w/ Ryan Holiday (Stoic philosophy)



Liturgists – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-liturgists-podcast/id903433534?mt=2

Bible For Normal People – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bible-for-normal-people/id1215420422?mt=2

Rich Roll – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rich-roll-podcast/id582272991?mt=2

Aubrey Marcus – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/aubrey-marcus-podcast/id521945322?mt=2


Hope you enjoy!

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