Books For The Journey

Here are some of the books that have shaped my thinking in this recent faith journey. 

Some are old favorites and some offer new and surprising insights.

I know I will never figure everything out, but the quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of our world and our lives drives me into reading and listening and exploring new ideas.

I hope these are helpful! (I believe most of these are also audiobooks if that’s your thing!)

The Evolution of God by Robert Wright – This book traced the history of how gods and religions were shaped and formed. It gave a general picture of how Judaism and Christianity fit into the large scheme of religions.

Finding God In The Waves by Mike McHargue – Mike is also known as “Science Mike” and this is his story of losing his faith and then finding it again using science. This book is a compelling story and scientific look at how Christianity might fit with today’s scientific understandings.

The Case For God by Karen Armstrong – Karen is a religious historian and former nun. She argues for the benefits of religion from a historical and personal perspective.

The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis – C.S. Lewis tackles the problem of how an all-powerful, supposedly good God and suffering coexist. This is one of my big hangups and he addresses it powerfully. It is a great read for perspective.

Why I Left, Why I Stayed by Bart & Tony Campolo – Tony is a famous Evangelical pastor and his son Bart left Christianity to become a secular humanist. This book is a call and response form between father and son on the reasons behind their faith and decisions.

The History of God by Karen Armstrong – Similar, but in my opinion inferior, to “The Evolution of God”. However, it is a bit smaller and easier to read. This book outlines the historical context of the big three monotheistic religions.

Silence by Shusaku Endo – This novel is a powerful look at evangelism and how the spreading of a faith might not be the best thing for the people in a given country, land or people group.

Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard – Dallas Willard is my favorite Christian theologian and this book is my favorite understanding of general Christian theology. He outlines the message of Jesus and how it looks different than some of the many manifestations we see in today’s American churches.

Chasing Francis by Ian Cron– This book is a fictional allegory that illustrates how today’s American church can learn from St. Francis of Assisi. It is a great, quick read and a powerful introduction to a new way of church.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read or listened to any of these!



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