What Deconstruction Is Teaching Me (Part 1)

Deconstruction can be many things.

It can be hard. It can be enlightening.

It can be logical. It can be emotional. It can be spiritual.

You can gain things. You can lose things.

In my experience, it’s all part of the journey.

Learning and seeking are paramount.

And as time goes on, a few specific things stick out.

#1 – There are many perspectives 

Going through Bible college and being a good youth group kid, I had looked at comparative religions and I knew the major points of difference.

I wasn’t unaware that there were different perspectives, I just never inspected them for myself with an open mind.

I never asked the question, “What can I learn?”

That may say more about me than it does Christianity, but I’ll just say that I never felt the need to look beyond my own beliefs when they were so clearly defined and defended as truth.

In the deconstruction process, that’s all I’m doing.

I’m asking questions.

I’m trying to keep an open mind.

And I’m finding so much good in other opinions, philosophies and religions.

One interesting idea is the Buddhist idea of “not-self”.

It certainly seems like ascending to this idea is very similar to the Christian idea of “dying to self.”

As we meditate or walk towards this concept, we start to understand and see our world as bigger than our limited point of view.

We start to see the other as a part of ourselves.

We start to see ourselves as part of the other.

It broadens our perspective.

I had always had an underlying assumption that other religious ideas were in some sense dangerous.

Christianity was the truth and these were distortions of truth.

What if they’re not?

What if we’re open to learning from them?

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