Gone – Part 4

Joseph doesn’t get quite the press that Mary & Jesus do.

There is no football play named after him.

There is no holiday celebrating his birth.

But dang, his life got turned upside down overnight.

Everything he knew to be true turned out to be inaccurate twice!

And in spite of all that, he acted faithfully.

He got up and did what was in front of him.

What I wouldn’t give to ask him what those months were like.

Here’s to you Joseph.

Your quiet strength and committed action deserve a little press.

24 And Joseph awoke from his sleep and did as the angel of the Lord commanded him. – Matthew 1:24

2 thoughts on “Gone – Part 4

  1. It is so refreshing, this perspective from Joseph. I’ve read so many from Mary’s and so little of the part he played, and the incredible faith it took to stay true to the vision of a dream. Thanks for this. I especially like the phrase you used in the original in the series ‘gone was the white picket fence.’ Sums it all up so well.


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