Learn From The Other Side

If we stay isolated, we will not make progress. If we continue the blame casting, we will never be united. If we ignore the problem, it only gets worse. Most people don’t do the hard work and engage in conversation. They stay in their own circles and echo chambers and never learn. Imagine if we... Continue Reading →

Deconstruction Conversations

This isn’t a sob story. This isn't a pity party. This is a "me too” moment. Anyone who has gone through a deconstruction of their faith will recognize this. Beliefs that grounded and anchored our lives aren't the same. Big things have changed and those big changes can bring difficulty. I know. I get it.... Continue Reading →

Learning To Cook

What if Christianity is like a recipe? You follow the steps and rules and, in the end, you get the specified result. But following a recipe isn’t the same as learning to cook. Now, not everyone needs to learn to cook. You can eat just fine by following a recipe. But for those who want... Continue Reading →


When you abandon clarity in favor of questions, it can be difficult. No guarantees. No certainty. No establishment. Just openness. Space. The search. There are moments when this makes you feel alive. There are no limits, only a horizon to chase. Then there are moments when those former limits look really comforting. They provide structure.... Continue Reading →

The Human Tribe

In period of unprecedented globalization, we are indeed becoming a global society. Yet, old systems of division and separation still rule the day. Can we drop our perceived differences? What would this even look like? Could we ever get to a point where human flourishing is above our individual group flourishing? What are the conditions... Continue Reading →

The Over-examined Life

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Apparently Socrates said that. It makes sense. I generally agree and I typically enjoy contemplating the mysteries of the universe. But, I’m starting to think that statement needs a qualifier. “The over-examined life is not worth living.” I don’t think Socrates said that, but I think may be... Continue Reading →

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