So, I’ve been looking for worship pastor jobs. (Shameless plug if you know of an LGBTQ affirming church looking for a bald one!) It has been an interesting ride. I’ve sent countless emails, resumes and video examples. In this whole process, I’ve self-identified as a worship leader. That’s how I present myself several times a [...]

Sand and Stone

There are ways of being that lead to life and beauty and vibrancy. There are ways of being that lead to darkness and sickness and depression. There are houses built on stone and houses built on sand. I’ve tried both sand and stone. For me, stone leads to life. 3 They are like trees planted by streams [...]


The stares. The whispers. The cold shoulders. The confrontations. The rumors. The disappointment. The disapproval. The disbelief. Imagine being Mary at Josephs family reunion. Imagine being Joseph. There you are. Pregnant. Unmarried. With a wild story about an Immaculate Conception. How was the family supposed to react? Yet, they stayed faithful. To their God. To [...]