Supposed to Be

Plans. Dreams. Expectations. We’ve all got them. We all set out what we want life to be like. We imagine our graduation day, our wedding day, our retirement day. We can’t wait. Life is going look different. Things are finally going to go our way. The circumstances will align and utopia will be achieved. Everything... Continue Reading →

Sand and Stone

There are ways of being that lead to life and beauty and vibrancy. There are ways of being that lead to darkness and sickness and depression. There are houses built on stone and houses built on sand. I’ve tried both sand and stone. For me, stone leads to life. 3 They are like trees planted by streams... Continue Reading →

Mary’s Child

We’ve been in the dark for while now. It’s easy to see. You can point it out. It’s in the news. It’s on our minds. It sells. It scares. It threatens. But it doesn’t have the final word. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. - John 1:5

Mary’s Journey

It couldn’t have been all roses. She had to have waddled a bit. She gained weight. She probably had stretch marks. She experienced morning sickness. Her feet hurt. Her back hurt. And then she rode an animal for 80 miles. 4 Joseph also went from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to the city... Continue Reading →

Mary’s Faith

Mary believed. How do we know? She acted. She deliberately chose to act in faith. She went and told Joseph. She couldn’t prove she was pregnant. She couldn’t prove that the baby wasn’t because of an affair. She couldn’t even convince her fiancé until an angel showed up. But her belief wasn’t unfounded. She had... Continue Reading →

Life in the Dissonance

Life can be heavy. It can be disheartening. Dreams unrealized. Longings unsatisfied. Desires unfulfilled. Questions unanswered. Wrongs un-righted. We pine for relief. We wait for deliverance. We yearn for resolution. We aren’t there yet. We’re here. Life in the dissonance. What are we to do? How are we to think? Where are we to go?... Continue Reading →

The Promise and the Circumstances

We all hope that at some point it will get better. Things will be set right. Circumstances will change. Outcomes will be different. But that isn’t always promised. In some cases it happens. In others it doesn’t. The promise isn’t dependent on the circumstances. Focus on the outcome misses the point. It’s easily overlooked, but... Continue Reading →

With You

What if it doesn’t get better? What if it doesn’t work out like you’d like? What if the circumstances don’t change? What if you’re right where you’re meant to be? What if everything you have is everything you need? What if this moment is enough? Maybe the hope isn’t far off. Maybe the promise is... Continue Reading →


The stares. The whispers. The cold shoulders. The confrontations. The rumors. The disappointment. The disapproval. The disbelief. Imagine being Mary at Josephs family reunion. Imagine being Joseph. There you are. Pregnant. Unmarried. With a wild story about an Immaculate Conception. How was the family supposed to react? Yet, they stayed faithful. To their God. To... Continue Reading →

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