Productive vs. Pleasurable (Part 4)

ICYMI: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 A key strategy in the battle of pleasurable vs. productive is the pre-decision. If you’re smart, you don’t show up at the beach and hope a hotel is available. You don’t just spend money on whatever you feel like in the moment. You don’t wake up [...]

Productive vs. Pleasurable (Part 3)

ICYMI: Part 1 / Part 2 Human nature is stuck. Its caught in a war between selfish, consumptive desire and the ability to delay gratification. Its caught in a war between pleasurable and productive. The way forward takes choice and discipline. First, we must recognize the importance of the productive choice. Health, relationships and success [...]

Productive vs. Pleasurable

I constantly hear the question, “Is it good for you?” I hate that question and let me tell you why. “Good for you” is an abstract concept that isn’t actually measurable or definable. A better question would be, “Is it productive?” If it is productive, it moves you towards your goals. We all want the [...]

Today Is a Gift

Today is a gift. We didn’t earn the right to today. Nothing we did warrants us this trip around the sun. We simply receive. We didn’t choose or decide to be born. We didn’t arrange for the breath we just took. We simply receive. We didn’t align the sun and the clouds and the horizon [...]

How Do We Love Better?

I think the world would be better if we loved each other better. Simple idea. Complicated execution. I think love takes practice. Dallas Willard defines love as, “to will the good of others.” If I love someone, I want the best things for them. This can be hard. It is easy to be self-interested. Self-interest [...]